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HFF Vol. 1 3LP [TROPES001]


HFF Vol. 1 triple vinyl 180g LP. £22 ex VAT.

Each release comes with a 12 inch colour 16mm print with optical soundtrack.

A1. Sculpture - Compatibility Crystal Change
A2. Will Ward - Lanced
A3. Some Truths - Fire in a field of molten flowers
B1. Spatial - Every Good Story
B2. Scanner - Landing
C1. Tom White - Fracas
C2. Sally Golding - Ghost - Loud + Strong
D1. Merkaba Macabre - Mare Tranquillitatis
D2. Dave Draper - 77972
D3. Mark Peter Wright - Ecstatic Electric
E1. Richard Pike - Vanitas
E2. Audio Dependent - Fritz
E3. Matthias Kispert - Austerity Rockers
F1. Aboutface - In The Tepid Shine We Breathe
F2. Synthetics - Traurige Filmmusik