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A Creak Retimed [TROPES 003]

£16.00 / Coming Soon

Things are not in time, but time is in Things
– Vicktor Von Weizsäcker

A collection of tape reworks of Howlround's original soundtrack from A Creak In Time directed by Steven McInerney, featuring work by Tom White, Merkaba Macabre, Dan Hayhurst, Ian Helliwell and Howlround.

Runtime: 37 minutes
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M
Layout and design by Karl Toomey
Artwork reconstructed from A Creak In Time

A1. Tom White - A Creak Retimed (I)
A2. Merkaba Macabre - A Creak Retimed (II)
A3. Howlround - A Creak Retimed (III)
B4. Dan Hayhurst - A Creak Retimed (IV)
B5. Howlround - A Creak Retimed (V)
B6. Ian Helliwell - A Creak Retimed (VI)